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Our Services

We started Memphix as a Website design only company, but as we started to do business we realized that marketing and your website works very closely together so we went to the U of Memphis to strengthen our knowledge in marketing, advertising, & branding in the digital age. Now we offer the below services a la carte or as a total package to accelerate business growth.

Website Design

Having a fully functional website is a must in business. We can get you online with a short site in 24-48 hours minimum.

Online Marketing

Pushing your message to the people whom need to hear it online can be very hard, we can help with this.


This helps people identify with your brand, i.e. Logo, Business Cards, Video Intros, etc.


This is what we do after the design of your marketing material and campaigns have been been completed. This is the stage where people come to your business from the different channels that your message has been received on via the marketing.

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